Style – all who have it have share one thing: Originality.

-Diana Vreeland

This is the philosophy by which Raven approaches your wardrobe. She believes that it should be elegant, comfortable, unique and should speak volumes about you. You are the artist that paints your personal image: your wardrobe is your palette. 

As your wardrobe curator, Raven will work with the collection you already own and love, editing out excess, and introducing complementary garments, shoes and accessories. Daily dressing becomes a pleasure and an art form.

We guide you in achieving a balance between au courant style, originality and personal allure. Whether shopping together or having a beautifully edited wardrobe brought to you, Raven ensures that the experience is exciting and efficient. Drawing from the World's top boutiques and designers, we bring a mix of seasonal fashion and unexpected, one of a kind treasures and vintage delights that convey your personal style.

If jewelry is your passion, Raven will access the private collections of the World’s most desirable jewelry ateliers. Be it estate, contemporary or costume, Raven’s resources are unsurpassed.

If your interests are in custom made garments, we offer entrée to the world of couture level custom design. From impeccably tailored suits to diaphanous evening gowns, no vision or design is impossible. Every item is executed with the utmost attention to detail.

We also create personal style portfolios and “look books” styled with all of your prêt-à-porter garments and accessories. An expert in fashion archiving and preservation, we create storage systems for your clothing, accessories and jewelry at a couture house level.

Our styling and shopping services are not limited to clothing. We also act as ambiance curators, helping you reimagine a room or conceptualize an intimate soiree. We create aesthetic experiences that exude an individual sense of spirit and soul.

From sourcing the globe for beautiful antiques to custom making bespoke objects, these handmade touches are the soul of our philosophy.