We believe that giving is an art and an experience to be savored and that the process should be infused with thoughtfulness, a mindful personalization and an exquisite presentation. We consider both the giver and receiver’s entire emotional experience, from pulling the hand dyed silk ribbon and pulling back the hand crafted paper and lifting the lid to reveal a wonderful, thoughtful treasure that speaks volumes of your connection.

We’ve mastered the art of giving, from large-scale corporate projects to unforgettable one of a kind sentiments for the individual. Raven is an expert in sourcing and creating exquisite gifts that show an uncommon level of insight and imagination. For our prêt-à-porter service, we scour the globe for exclusive products and unique objects, drawing from our coveted black book of artisans and dealers we’ve curated over the years. 

We also offer a unique bespoke gifting service where you have the opportunity to personally collaborate with our team on every step of the design process in creating one-of-a-kind, unforgettable gifts that have been meticulously crafted to reflect your sentiments and story. Exploring the unique vision and life experience of each client brings a dynamic dialogue into the design process and allows us to create a special experience for both parties.