Creator. Collector. Curator.

Surrounded by rustic nature juxtaposed with a menagerie of rare antiquities and objet trouvé, Raven’s eclectic upbringing in an 18th century farm house in rural Pennsylvania set the foundation for her signature aesthetic that has a sophisticated vibe with a nod towards whimsy, nature and spirited style. Her mother, the consummate magpie, curated an amalgam of organic found objects with a keen edit of modern furnishings, antiques and ethnic treasures that informs Raven's vision and creativity.

I believe that true luxury is the luxury to be unique.” After nearly two decades in the fashion and lifestyle consulting worlds, Raven has curated a coveted black book of resources, skilled artisans and savvy dealers allowing her to both find and create unique pieces that truly set their owner apart from the crowd. During her journeys, the concept RK Objet was born to offer a collection of hand crafted accessories and objects for the home to those who revel in going against the grain and covet unique beauty.

Producing both one of a kind and edition pieces, Raven’s designs juxtapose organic with refined, vintage with modern, and the familiar with the unexpected. Her love of composing collections, of curating atmospheres and of creating objects that elicit an emotional response is what drives Raven to create.